Seven Years? Already?

Me being me and all, I might have missed it entirely, but for a couple of notifications from my LinkedIn app that friends were congratulating me on my work anniversary.

That was the reminder that this week marks seven years that I’ve been working with Nikki and Chadd at PrimaDonna Productions, Inc.

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The Proverbial More, Part IVth

4th of July Crowds

How I ended up stage-managing a 4th of July celebration for an entire city, I’m still not altogether sure. There’s a lot about the last few weeks that I’m still processing.

It started when Nikki was hired to help produce it. I know that much.

But I’m getting slightly ahead of myself. Let me backtrack a few steps…

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The Proverbial More, Part II

Tonight I’ll be at Monarch Academy, along with Nikki, our colleagues there, and their students and families, to celebrate the end of another school year.

Being part of the Monarch family – and it really is a family, by choice and emotion if not by genetics – has been an experience I’m still trying to put into words. As a writer and as a human being, you always live with a certain hope that what you do, what you say, can make a positive difference. But you don’t always get to see it happen right in front of you.

It’s a gift, a blessing, that in the last year, I have.

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The Proverbial More, Part I

… well, that was a little longer than I’d expected. I’m sorry about that.

I guess it’s one of the hazards of trying to balance my writing with writing about my writing. I get so busy doing what I do that I find myself forgetting to write about what I do.

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Reblog: “My girls meet Peter Capaldi ( little Dalek )”


The story of an excited child who discovers that her hero is really just another excited child at heart – love this!!

Originally posted on amcherryfairy:


Peter capaldi and Jenna Coleman talking to myself and my two daughters. My youngest has autism and when matt smith said he was leaving she was worried, because she goes on adventures with doctor who and Clara and she was worried that the new doctor ( Peter ) would not like her and wouldn’t want to join in her games.

So on our holiday to Cardiff we fell onto pot luck. We had gone for our lunch at eddies diner and came out to find that doctor who was being filmed. We had a chat with the crew and Jenna and Samuel had photos done with the girls. We were told Peter was not coming down for filming. After telling the crew about roxi and her games with dr who ( Matt ) and the worry she has about Peter. We were told to come back the next day.


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A Mad Fan With A Box Reflects…

50 years ago today, two teachers got a little too curious about one of their students, and decided to follow her home…

…thereby setting in motion a chain of events that would change the history of the universe.

Or at least the history of science fiction.

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